Sunday, 1 November 2015


The World’s Strangest Museums
Fly Abu Dhabi, 29 October 2015.

Wandering around a museum or gallery can be a great way to spend an afternoon on a city break, especially if the weather outside is looking a bit bleak. Whether it be The Natural History Museum, the Louvre or one of the many Guggenheims, museums and galleries are full to the brim with curiosities and artwork to explore. However, stray off the beaten path and you could find yourself entering an altogether stranger museum. Our latest infographic explores the strangest museums the world has to offer - from the torture museum in Amsterdam to the toilet museum in Delhi.

While museums about barbed wire or tap water might not be your standard fare, there’s a whole host of weird museums out there waiting to be explored! Next time you’re in Abu Dhabi why not drop into the National Auto Museum to discover a variety of bizarre vehicles? Or, if you’re in Kent why not stop by the Dog Collar Museum? Cast your eyes on the infographic below and prepare to be inspired for your next museum trip.

[Source: Fly Abu Dhabi. Edited. Information links added.]

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