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New Picture 28
A Robot Lumberjack And Other Amazing Photos From This Week
By Colin Lecher and Shaunacy Ferro,
Popular Science, 25 January 2013.

Including a beautiful photo made by a beer can, BMW's slick new bobsled, and more…

1. NYC From The ISS

New Picture 18

We've included photos from astronaut Chris Hadfield before, but his shots from the International Space Station are just too good to pass up. Here, we see the view of New York City. [More from Chris Hadfield]

2. All-Terrain Shoe

New Picture 19
Photo: Adrian Gaut via Fast Company

Meet Reebok's all-terrain shoe, the ATV 19+. It looks...a little strange. But maybe it'll be really functional and great once it's out. Read about it over at Fast Company.

3. Chicago Warehouse Fire

New Picture 20

After a warehouse fire broke out, fire-fighters were quick to douse it, but the water froze almost instantly in the cold. No one was injured, but the warehouse ended up like this (and the fire rekindled itself.) Check out some of the other shots from David Schalliol.

4. Beer Can Photo

New Picture 21
Photo: Matt Bigwood via Gizmodo

Photographer Matt Bigwood made a beer-can pinhole camera and exposed an image for six months. With this result, it was worth the time.

5. The BMW Bobsled

New Picture 22
Photo: BMW via Gizmag

This BMW-inspired prototype built for the U.S. Bobsled Team just had its first race. It took 14th out of 30 in its run, which is more promising than it sounds for the first run of a new machine. So along with being beautiful, it sounds like it could perform well when it's tweaked for the 2014 Olympics.

6. Insane Lightning

New Picture 23
Photo: Amery Carlson via io9

Fine art photographer Amery Carlson used a long exposure to catch this lightning storm off the coast of Ventura, California. Check out more photos from Carlson here.

7. Robot Lumberjack

New Picture 24
Photo: Tom Pawlofsky and Tibor Weissmahr via Co.Design

This robot not only chops wood, but chops wood into hand-crafted (steel-crafted? arm-crafted?) stools. Read about it here.

8. Solar Corona

New Picture 25

NASA's High Resolution Coronal Imager, Hi-C, caught this image of the solar corona at the highest resolution ever. Read about it here.

9. Huskies!

New Picture 26
Photo: David Moir/Reuters via American Photo

It's that time of year already! The Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain's sled dog rally is this weekend. Here's a pair training for race. See more photojournalism from this week over at American Photo.

10. Shipping Container Hotel

New Picture 27
Photo: Frederick Herregods via designboom

Entrepreneur Geoffrey Stampaert has been offering surprisingly luxurious pop-up hotels made in shipping containers. Based on demand in a city, Stampaert hauls the containers off. Check out more photos at designboom.

Top image: Robot Lumberjack

[Source: Popular Science. Edited. Top image added.]

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