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Catch Unsolved Mysteries & Unexplainable Things on These 5 Sites
By Mihir Patkar,
Make Use Of, 6 December 2016.

Everyone loves a good mystery. It’s why we love detectives like Sherlock Holmes. But what if you could get a chance to be a detective in a real-life mystery? You can get started today.

In the history of our planet, there have been several inexplicable events and unsolved crimes. Some mysteries have been solved already. Others haunt people even today. The internet has chronicled many of these, whether in the form of text, video, or podcasts. Get to know about them.

1. Buzzfeed Unsolved: 12 of the Internet’s Favorite Mysteries

Buzzfeed has an innate ability to make short videos packed with all the information you need, while giving it the polish needed to be engrossing at the same time. So, their Buzzfeed Unsolved (YouTube) is probably the best starting point for someone who hasn’t heard of the internet’s favorite mysteries before.

Each video is less than 10 minutes, but includes all the facts you’ll need to know about the case. From the infamous Zodiac killer to real-life “Men in Black,” Buzzfeed Unsolved covers topics that the internet has obsessed over for years. It’s kind of a cheat sheet, giving you everything you need to know without hopping around several forums and sites.

Brent and Ryan, the hosts of the show, do a good job of making entertaining and informational videos. If you know of cases like the Black Dahlia or Dyatlov Pass, skip this one. If you don’t know what those mean, this is what you need before diving further.

2. Web Sleuths: The Internet’s Best True Crime Forum


Web Sleuths (Web) is one of the oldest and most respected internet communities of amateur crime-solvers. It has an impressive track record too, having provided the answer to multiple cases. In fact, it served as the research origin for the TV show The Killing Season.

Because mystery-solving draws people from different walks of life, Web Sleuths has diverse experts commenting on potential clues. Found a clue to do with soil erosion? There’s an authority from the field who will give you the exact facts. Need to ask questions about a post-mortem? The large number of doctors on the forum will answer anything you need.

Be warned, a lot of the content on the site is graphic. But that comes with the territory if you want to solve human crimes. And we aren’t talking about computer crimes you can get arrested for.

3. /r/UnsolvedMysteries and /r/UnresolvedMysteries: Reddit’s Hub of Amateur Sleuths


As the community board of the entire internet, Reddit naturally has people who love to bring up unsolved mysteries in the hope of finding an answer. And such people have found homes on two sub-Reddits.

Unsolved Mysteries (Web) is an off-shoot of the TV show that bore the same name. Some of them are true stories of real people. Others seem like coincidences or things that could be explained through plausible theories. But for each of them, there is some mystery that persists.

Unresolved Mysteries (Web) is its own entity, and covers everything you can think of. It has murders and missing persons, aliens and conspiracy theories, monsters and spies. If something is still unknown, it’ll find its way to this sub-Reddit.

4. 89 Creepy Mysteries: One Article, 89 Different Cases


Not all of Reddit is on those two forums. One of the main sources of stories is /r/AskReddit, which has some of the highest rated Reddit posts of all time. Once, a question was asked about everyone’s favorite unsolved mystery. Online magazine Thought Catalog’s (Web) Chrissy Stockton rounded up 89 of the best answers, and added some from their own readers.

Each article notes the main details of a case, so you don’t have to browse away from it to read the next one. If you’re interested in a case, a simple Google search will give you everything you want to know about it, and much more.

5. Unsolved Murders: A Second Hearing for True Crimes


One of the best podcasts since 2015 has been the true crime drama Serial. That one is famous enough that you’ve probably already heard it. You may not have heard about Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories (Podcast) by Carter Roy and Wenndy Mackenzie.

A new podcast, Roy and Mackenzie dig up famous old crime cases which never came to a complete resolution. From Hollywood’s first murder to a conspiracy killing that might involve the top bureaucrats and politicians of the US, this podcast covers it all.

Each case is covered in two episodes. It is only 22 episodes old at the time of writing, so you can catch up quickly.

Unsolved Murders is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, and SoundCloud.

Top image credit: Ssantos/Pixabay.

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