Monday, 22 January 2018


Food is one of our most basic needs. It's for our survival as well as pleasure. At the opposite end, however, are foods that pose great danger to our health and even our lives. The following infographic by Mr Gamez presents a list of the world’s most dangerous foods.

Infographic Sources:
Dangerous Dining: The World’s 10 Deadliest Delicacies
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9. World's Most Dangerous Foods
10. Every year, Egyptians risk their lives eating this dangerous delicacy
11. Fugu
12. Eating unopened ackees can be fatal
13. Dangerous Dining
14. Shanghai getting tougher on blood clam ban
15. Toxic Pufferfish Invade Eastern Mediterranean, Killing People and Irking Fisherman
16. 27 children die after eating cassava at Philippine school
17. 10 Makanan Paling Berbahaya di Dunia
18. 4 exotic dishes in South Korea for the brave & good traveler
19. The Fishmarket India
20. Nordic Food Lab
21. Bloody Clams
22. The Gates Notes
23. Absinthe
24. Drinks Planet
25. Fuel Station
26. I Am Foodgeek
27. Serving Joy

[Source: Mr Gamez.]

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