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20 Of The World's Most Bizarre X-Rays
By ryanm41,
Buzz Feed, 18 August 2012.

A collection of some of the world's weirdest x-rays. You really have to see these to believe them!

The skull of Chinese man who was shot in the head with a high-powered nail gun. Source:

The abdomen of a patient who swallowed two forks, a ballpoint pen and a toothbrush. The items are located in the intestine. Source:

A historical X-ray of the foot of a Boer War (1899-1902) soldier, showing a gunshot wound. A bullet has become lodged between the metatarsal bones of the big and second toes. Source:

A nail lodged in bones of the index and middle fingers of an adult male. Source:

Coloured X-ray of objects swallowed and lodged in the intestine of a patient, including a spoon and a blade. Source:

A coloured X-ray of an object (safety pin) lodged in the oesophagus of a woman. Source:

The foot of a patient who stepped on a fork. Source:

A coloured X-ray of the abdomen of a patient who swallowed a straight razor (centre left) and razor blades (upper right). Source:

x-ray 1 A victim's lacerated fingers after the person fought with a knife wielding attacker. Source:

Another patient who stepped on a fork. Source:

A spear lodged in the skull of a 16-year-old boy. One of the boy's friends was loading a spear gun when it accidentally fired. Source:

A 6.7 inch pair of surgical scissors that were accidentally left in the abdomen of a woman after she had an operation. The scissors were discovered 18 months later because she kept complaining of intense pain in her abdomen. Source:

A nail embedded in the skull of a man after he accidentally shot himself with a nail gun. He didn't even realize he had been shot until 6 days later when the four-inch nail was discovered. Source:

A cell phone in the intestines of a prison inmate. Source:

A knife embedded in the head of a 10-year-old boy. The boy survived. Source:

A live grenade lodged in a prisoner's face. Source:

A 2.5lb, 6-inch diameter kidney stone that was removed from a patient in Hungary. Source:

A 5-inch knife embedded in the skull of a teenage boy. Source:

A butter knife lodged in the eye of a patient. Source:

A Pepsi bottle in the anus of a 60-year-old man. Source:

[Source: Buzz Feed. Edited.]

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