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Resource Furniture: Convertible Designs for Small Spaces
By Steph,
Web Urbanist, 3 January 2013.

When living in a small space, every inch counts - so multifunctional furniture that can adapt and change is a top priority. A coffee table needs to be more than a coffee table, possibly rising to offer work space when sitting on the couch or to become a dining surface. A bed platform could fold flat against the wall, or even turn into a desk. Resource Furniture offers streamlined solutions that maximize space in a variety of ways, so your furniture can be tailored to your individual lifestyle.

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What might look like an ordinary table is actually hiding a few surprises. If you only need a dining table or work desk for an hour or two out of the day, why have a separate one that just takes up valuable space?

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An ideal solution for combination office/guest rooms, transforming beds hide away against the wall when not in use, while the desk surface slides up out of the way at night.

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Large, flat cabinets open to reveal not one, but two sleep surfaces. Resource Furniture’s convertible hideaway bunk beds include built-in storage and desks.

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No room for a reading nook? A comfy chair for lounging and taking in a good book doubles as a bookcase. Another chair turns over to become a stepladder.

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All-in-one furniture systems that barely take up any floor room when closed can hide all sorts of functions in the smallest possible space. This home office is just 13 3/4 inches deep, but includes shelving that can accommodate a printer and a PC tower, as well as a large desk surface, built-in lighting and storage space.

[Source: Web Urbanist. Edited.]

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