Sunday, 6 January 2013


New Picture 101
Top 10 Tech This Week (1/5/2013)
By Charlie White,
Mashable, 5 January 2013.

The air is thick with anticipation of CES 2013, and even though there was a long weekend this week, the past seven days were packed with spectacular technology nevertheless.

It was surprising how much stuff was going on, including an early look at Samsung's newest mirrorless camera, hints about a stronger version of Gorilla Glass, rumours flying about the next iPhone, and a futuristic eye-tracking PC accessory that's about to become available.

There's something here for everyone this week, including those who are absent-minded and always losing their keys, outdoorsy types who still want to use their smartphones, and LEGO fans with a flying jones. We even found a smartphone that's so thin it would have to run around in the shower just to get wet.

That's only the beginning, folks…you'll be as surprised as we are that even during the technological doldrums before the techno-storm, coolness is still popping up everywhere…

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