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Transform Your Traditional Watch Into A Smart Watch With This Amazing Strap
Wonderful Engineering, 6 December 2014.

Smart watches are the talk of the day, aren’t they? A company named Kairos has come up with a product named T-Band, which is capable of transforming any watch into a smart watch since the gadget has technology packed into the band of the watch instead of the face.


The T-Band will be available in 3 versions with each of them designed to work with the Kairos smart watch that was revealed by the company in June 2014. But adapters will make sure that the strap works with different kinds of watches.


The band consists of electronics sections that house a 9-axis gyroscope with an accelerometer, optical sensor, compass and a rechargeable battery as well. The strap has a Pogo Pin USB charging port and it is designed to be worn like a bangle. You have to snap the strap together, unlike conventional bands that require fastening.


The three versions available are T-Band ND, T-Band HD and T-Band OD. The ND is the simplest version and can run on a single charge for 7 days while offering a basic array of functions; notifications for texts, call via vibration and a multi-coloured LED. It also sports a fitness tracker and GSR while the laser is capable of detecting the temperature of the user’s skin.


The HD version of the watch can offer a battery life worth 3 days and has more features as compared with the ND version. The LED panel has been incorporated beneath a thin membrane which hides it when the panel isn’t in use. The OD version comes with an OLED display with 11×25 mm screen and a pixel density of 170 dpi. With a touch-sensitive display offering anti-scratch coating and mineral glass, the watch is installed with ARM Cortex M4 processor with a microphone as well to facilitate the text to speech function.


T-Band offers a number of features and options based upon the model you choose. For instance, you can choose to connect all your social networks  to the band, or perhaps you would like it to work as a remote control for your smartphone’s camera. You can also start, control and monitor your car with optional modules.


T-Band is raising funds on Indiegogo at the moment with pledges starting from US$129 and shipments slated for April 2015. So, how many of you are willing to purchase this awesome band?

Video 1: KAIROS T-BAND: Transform your analogue watch into a smart watch!

Video 2: EPIC SMART BAND - Your Watch + Kairos T-Band = Smart Watch

All images and videos credit: Kairostband and Indiegogo.

[Source: Wonderful Engineering. Edited. Videos and links added.]

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