Friday, 16 October 2015


The Biggest Business Rivalries of All Time
Glotech Repairs, 12 October 2015.

We’ve all known businesses to be competitive, but do some go so far as to become rivals? After all when you’re both competing for similar sectors of the market, you’re almost certainly not going to want your competitors to be doing as well as you. But also did you ever wonder how some of these big brands started? Did you know, for example, that the man who started Lamborghini was originally a tractor manufacturer?!

Well we certainly didn’t, so we became curious and were intrigued to find out more about some of the people behind these businesses, and how exactly they managed to become the giants of their industry.

Our latest infographic not only gives some background information about these huge brands, but also explains the top business rivalries and the story behind how they became as competitive as they are. Some even became rivals on a personal level, rather than just on a business level, and things did sometimes get a little bit heated. We’ve selected the main competitors and the interesting stories behind them, but obviously many of these companies are probably just as competitive with others as well.

Are there any that you find surprising? Any in particular that you didn’t expect to have such a long history of rivalry?

Biggest Business Rivalries of All Time

[Source: Glotech Repairs.]

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