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18 dazzling photos of fireworks that look absolutely otherworldly
By Mariella Moon,
Tecca, 30 August 2012.

These intriguing images were captured using a special long exposure technique.

Image credit: David Johnson

The odd things you can see in this image aren't newly discovered deep sea creatures, globules of milk, or spiky white gelatine. These are actually fireworks made a thousand times more intriguing - not that usual firework photographs aren't wonderful - by refocusing during long exposure.

All the images in this gallery were taken by photographer David Johnson during the recent International Fireworks Show in Ottawa, Canada. When we asked David what equipment he used to capture these photos and how he achieved these results, he replied:
"As far as equipment was concerned, it was a Canon 5D Mk II SLR camera with a 50mm lens, and I used focus pulling to change the shapes of the exposures... When I heard a firework shoot up into the air, I would start the exposure out of focus. Once I heard the explosion, I would quickly refocus, which would turn these thick blurry lights into fine points. It makes for a bizarre effect and creates some of the most unique shapes in the sky!"
Because the fireworks in these images are truly curious, we treated them as a Rorschach test and noted what we think they look like.

1. Spikey red flower with spikey leaves
Spikey red flower with spikey leaves
Image Credit: David Johnson

"I wouldn't be able to pick a favourite subject of photography," David said when we asked him what he loved taking pictures of the most. "I always bring my camera everywhere I go and I enjoy just about any stylistic photo that brings something new to the table. I will say, though, the most fun I've had with shooting photos has been with the fireworks display at Les Grand Feux (International Fireworks Competition)."

Indeed, Johnson's photography website is full of various subjects, from animals and nature to sports and scenic locations. Don't forget to look at his imgur gallery, as well, to see more rad fireworks images.

We're sure those of you who are interested in photography even in the slightest want to try your hand at capturing fireworks on film, especially after seeing these pictures. So make sure to check out our guide on how to photograph fireworks to get started!

2. Pink chandeliers
Pink chandeliers
Image Credit: David Johnson

3. Multi-coloured jellyfish in the sky
Multicolored jellyfish in the sky
Image Credit: David Johnson

4. Luminous flowers in the dark
Luminous flowers in the dark
Image Credit: David Johnson

5. This is NOT the Dark Mark
This is NOT the Dark Mark
Image Credit: David Johnson

6. Plants swaying in the breeze
Plants swaying in the breeze
Image Credit: David Johnson

7. Explosion
Image Credit: David Johnson

8. Sparklers surrounding a heart
Sparklers surrounding a heart
Image Credit: David Johnson

9. Mashed potatoes and green peas
Mashed potatoes and green peas
Image Credit: David Johnson

10. A collection of insect stingers
A collection of insect stingers
Image Credit: David Johnson

11. Rambutan
Image Credit: David Johnson

12. Virus up close
Virus up close
Image Credit: David Johnson

13. Chinese lantern
Chinese lantern
Image Credit: David Johnson

14. It's a face
It's a face
Image Credit: David Johnson

15. A bouquet
A bouquet
Image Credit: David Johnson

16. Fresh fruits
Fresh fruits
Image Credit: David Johnson

17. Green pineapple
Green pineapple
Image Credit: David Johnson

18. Daisies
Image Credit: David Johnson

[Source: Tecca. Edited.]

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