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Are YOU Addicted To The Internet?
By Jessica Ruane,
Instant Checkmate, 29 July 2014.

Did you know that much of what you do online releases dopamine into your brain’s pleasure centres? It’s true, and while for most of us, browsing the Internet is nothing more than a source of mild amusement, for others it can morph into unhealthy, pleasure-seeking behaviour. Internet addicts will obsessively turn to social media, online games, and chat rooms to flood their brains with dopamine - much in the same way that traditional addicts seek out drugs and alcohol to get their fix.

When most people think of addiction, their minds probably conjure up images of hard-core drug users and hopeless alcoholics. But in the digital age, the new face of addiction is surprisingly familiar. More and more teens and young adults are finding themselves spiralling out of control, completely and utterly addicted to something you probably use every single day - the Internet.

Believe it or not, Internet addiction can have deadly consequences. In South Korea, several gamers have died during online gaming sessions that lasted multiple days. Players park in front of their screens, and they don’t stop to eat, drink, or use the bathroom. Eventually exhaustion and dehydration set in, causing massive heart failure.

An estimated 5-10% of all Internet users are thought to be addicted - meaning they are unable to control the amount of time they spend online. Check out our infographic below to learn more about this deadly digital addiction.

are you addicted to the internet small   Are You Addicted To The Internet?
Infographic courtesy of Instant Checkmate

Are YOU addicted to the Internet? Take this quiz from Psyche Central below to find out.

A Quiz With Questions To Help Diagnose Internet Addiction

[Source: Instant Checkmate.]

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