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Wow! The Most Amazing Images in Science This Week
Live Science, 9 August 2014.

Sharks, sharks, weather and more sharks - our finds for awesome science images for this week begins here.

1. Super-duper supercell

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National Geographic's Traveller Magazine's 2014 photo contest revealed amazing images of weather and nature from around the world. From over 18,000 submissions, the stunning winners were announced this week.

The first place winner - a supercell over eastern Colorado was captured by Marko Korošec from Slovenia.

2. Fighter jet photo wows

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The wildfires wreaking havoc on California are sending pyrocumulus or "fire clouds" soaring above the state. Pilots in these two fighter jets snapped this image of the towering billows.

3. Amazing twister

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A recent study indicates storms creating tornados are less frequent but stronger, i.e. creating more tornados. Researchers believe climate change is linked to the change in how these dangerous storms now form.

4. Releasing sharks

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A creative take on protecting swimmers and sharks may have the answer to reducing shark attacks. Pernambuco, Brazil, saw a 97 percent drop in shark attacks during a 73-month period where "shark fishing" was active.

5. Glowing shark eyes

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In the deep ocean, where little light shines, some sharks have eyes that are adapted to see faint forms of light. The eyes of the so-called bioluminescent sharks have a higher number of light-sensitive cells and some have even evolved other modifications to help them see in this dimly lit area of the ocean.

6. Behemoth jelly

New Picture 471

Many species employ a highly complex search tactic known as a Lévy walk - a mathematical pattern combining short steps, long steps and longer steps. The barrel jellyfish uses several other techniques not utilized by other species.

7. Surfing seal?

New Picture 472

A playful seal joined two men surfing off the coast of England. The young, wild seal played with the men for about an hour, trying to surf with them.

8. Teen whale shark hangout

New Picture 473

While not much is known about the elusive whale shark, a bit more is known now that a site off the coast of Saudi Arabia has been found where hundreds of the juvenile fish gather.

9. Drone in Yellowstone

New Picture 474

Although a formal ban on drones was issued by the National Park Service in June of 2014, an incident on Aug. 2 left a UAV in one of Yellowstone's biggest attractions - the Grand Prismatic hot spring. The investigation is on-going and the drone has not been recovered as of yet.

10. Mapping wireless networks

New Picture 475

A Ph.D. student, Luis Hernan, developed a way to visualize wireless networks by translating the signal strength into coloured LED lights using an invention called the Kirlian Device. The effort was part of an initiative called "Digital Ethereal."

[Source: Live Science. Edited.]

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