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How to Stay Safe on Facebook
By Toni,
Who Is Hosting This, 25 November 2014.

Facebook’s still growing in popularity every year. In fact, it now has almost as many users as there are people living in China!

You’d think such a popular program would be well-loved, but it still has quite the reputation problem, mostly stemming from its apparent lack of respect for individual privacy.

It makes sense: Their entire business model is making money off your data.

Facebook, just like any other “free” service, does have a cost, just not in dollars. In order to use their service, you allow them to use your private data.

And they’ve made a lot of money selling it: hundreds of millions of dollars each year. It’s only gone up by billions every year since they went public in 2012.

Facebook’s revenue comes from selling highly-targeted advertising directed at its users. They can charge a hefty fee to display ads because the advertisers can narrow down their target audience by age, gender, location, friends, likes and dislikes, and every other detail of your life you’ve told them about.

But though we may all want to swear off Facebook forever, it does have its uses. Most of your friends and family are probably all on it. Facebook makes it so easy to see what they’re up to and keep in touch, even from hundreds of thousands of miles away. If you hadn’t “friended” them on Facebook, you might’ve never found out about your cousin’s new job or your high school buddy’s new baby.

For many of us, the pros outweigh the cons. We’re willing to give up a bit of personal data in exchange for making our lives a bit more convenient.

But is there a compromise? Can you keep in touch with friends and family without Facebook and the world knowing every detail of your life?

Try to navigate through the labyrinth of Facebook privacy settings, and you get the impression they don’t want to make it easy for you. Check out the guide below on how you can keep your data safe.

Stay Safe on Facebook

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