Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Infographic: What’s Threatening Your Mobile Apps?
By Theresa Damato,

In the Star Trek fictional universe, high tech shields provided starships, space stations and planets with protection against threats and damage. If a shield was projected around a ship or other body, it could deflect projectiles and even weapons of enemies. The deflector shields operated by creating a layer, or layers, of energetic distortion around the object that needed to be protected.

When it comes to information security, we face similar challenges to Capitan Kirk and his Starship Enterprise; it’s just that the Klingons are replaced with a different kind of bad guy. And applications continue to top the list of our bad guy’s favourite targets. In fact, research suggests that 80% of successful breaches target the application layer. What’s more, with the explosive growth of the mobile channel and user demand for anytime/anywhere access to mobile services, mobile apps are stretching the boundaries of security, and putting them squarely in the crosshairs when it comes to malicious attacks.

So let’s help our mobile applications travel safely through their own universe by giving them a self-protecting shield - capabilities that enable them to maintain their integrity and performance even when the environment is hostile - jailbroken, rooted, infected, or otherwise. In this new infographic, we’ll show you the threats your mobile applications are up against, and some ways you can proactively protect them from the bad guys. We’ll show you how you can keep your apps safe and secure, no matter how many Klingons are in your mobile universe. Shield’s up!

Meet the Mobile Menace

[Source: VASCO.]

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