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Tasty Tech Eye Candy Of The Week (Nov 1)
By Tracy Staedter,
Discovery News, 1 November 2015.

This week we look at 10 new concept vehicles on display at the Tokyo Motor Show.

1. Motobot


Yamaha created a bit of a stir when it unveiled its motorcycle-riding robot, Motobot, which in a video was shown cruising around a test track on the company's sport bike, the 1000cc R1M. Yamaha said in a press release that the goal of creating a motorcycle-riding robot is to develop technology that supports human riders in order to make driving safer.

2. Wander Stand


Honda showed off a small, two-person concept vehicle called the Wander Stand, which is controlled via a joystick. The vehicle would be ideal in urban settings for people who need to go short distances.

3. Prius


The new Prius from Toyota, coming in 2016, turns up the dial on style. Drivers should expect improvements in engine and battery life. The car's horsepower is expected to rise from 134 to 150 and Toyota says it's trying to achieve 60 mpg in the city with the hybrid and push the all-electric version from a 20-mile range to 30 miles.

4. LF-FC


Lexus is exploring the future of hydrogen fuel cells with its LF-FC concept car. The fuel cells would power electric motors that control the front and rear wheels. The four-door luxury sedan has a high-tech cockpit and a spacious, almost limo-like passenger area with reclining seats.

5. Viziv Future


Subaru's Viziv Future is a hybrid crossover. It has a turbocharged internal-combustion engine designed to power the front wheels and an electric motor to power the rear wheels. Elements from this concept car could find their way into the Crosstrek or maybe future Foresters.

6. IDS Concept


The IDS from Nissan is actually capable of both autonomous driving and manual. Artificial intelligence learns from the driver's actions and preferences and imitates them. The electric car has a range of 200 miles.

7. eX


Mitsubishi's eX relies on a lithium-ion battery pack to power two electric motors, one on each axle. The crossover has 187 horsepower and a range of 248 miles.

8. Vision Tokyo


The Vision Tokyo from Mercedes-Benz looks like the future. The fat grill and futuristic lighting doesn't call to mind any other car. A hydrogen fuel-cell stack and electric motors power this car, which stores its energy on a lithium-ion battery pack. According to Mercedes, Vision Tokyo can travel 120 miles on the battery alone and a whopping 600 miles relying on both battery and fuel-cell together.

9. Sports Ride


Car designer Gordon Murray, who created the stylish looks of the McLaren F1 supercar, designed Yamaha's new Sports Ride, a two-seater made from carbon fibre. The material makes the car a super lightweight 1,654-pound ride, 400 pounds less than a Lotus Elise.

10. Clarity Fuel Cell


Honda's Clarity seats five and is powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell stack that runs the electric motor, rated at 174 horsepower. The combination of fuel cell and electric motor gives the car a range between 300 and 435 miles. Clarity is expected to show up on the market in 2018.

Top image: Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo. Credit: eMercedes-Benz.

[Source: Discovery News. Edited. Top image and links added.]

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