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First Signs That You Should Not Take That Job
Approved Index, 15 December 2015.

You finally have the break-through and landed yourself an interview for a job. Great! You may be a little nervous when you turn up. That’s normal. You observe the building, the workers, and the overall workplace environment trying to take it all in and make sense of what it would be like to work here.

This prospective employer might even end up making you a job offer. But hold your horses just a minute. Do you know what you are getting yourself into?

You may have other interviews in the pipe line or maybe not. You may fortunately already have a few job offers - that's even better! So how do you decide whether you should take this job or not?

We spend a lot of our time in the workplace and often identify ourselves with the profession we undertake. With that in mind it can be wise to give it some deep thought on the jobs we take on and whether it would be a good move for us.

We can all agree we do not want to get stuck in a job that we hate. We want a workplace where the environment is nurturing and your work is valued and appreciated. Where you can learn and develop your skills and have healthy social relationships.

Your senses can tell you a lot, so don’t put everything you may notice as a little off around this potential workplace as down to your nerves. These may be signs that this workplace is not a place you want to be working in and may contain overbearing bosses, unpleasant employees and stressful work environments!

We at Approved Index have taken it upon ourselves to highlight some of the first signs to look out for that a workplace is toxic and you should steer clear. Check out our fun and humorous infographic below:

First signs that you should not take the job

[Source: Approved Index.]

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