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Sentence Checking Facts and Stats
Sentence Checker, 8 February 2016.

What are the most annoying writing mistakes? If you’re looking for information about the most common writing mistakes, along with facts and stats, read this! Perhaps the info below might help you out when you check sentence.

Facts and stats about the most annoying writing mistakes:
  • 16 percent commits punctuation abuse, like ‘your vs. you’re’
  • 13 percent on redundancies, capitalization, changing tenses and double negatives
  • 17 percent on grammar flubs, such as ‘who vs. whom, few/er vs. less…’
  • 32 percent on homophone misuse ‘accept vs. except, edition vs. addition…’
  • 21 percent on clichés, passive voice and trite writing ‘using passive and active time, translation and corporate clichés…’

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Sentence Checking Facts and Stats

[Source: Sentence Checker.]

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