Wednesday, 25 January 2017


With social media use ever on the rise, social networks have become a primary source of news and information. This infographic by the University of San Francisco takes a look at social media's growing role in disaster response, and sees how these networks have already aided the rescue and relief efforts of multiple disasters.

Infographic Sources:
Hurricane Sandy by the social media numbers
2. Hurricane Sandy’s social media clean-up efforts help New York, New Jersey recovery
3. Haitian Earthquake Dominates Twitter
4. Digital fundraising still pushing Haiti relief
5. Using Social Media During Japan Disasters
6. Japan crisis showcases social media's muscle
7. After disasters, social media struggles to keep up with expectations
8. Social Media Use during Disasters: A Review of the Knowledge Base and Gaps
9. More Americans Using Mobile Apps in Emergencies
10. Social media: Communication hub for disasters?
How Social Media Is Changing Disaster Response
12. United States of America: Disaster & Risk Profile
13. New Red Cross Study Finds Web Users Would Turn To Social Media In Emergencies & Expect 1st Responders To Be Listening: 74% Want Response Less Than An Hour After Their Tweet or Facebook Post

Top image credit: Surian Soosay/Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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