Saturday, 14 January 2017


If you really want to see the world, a train journey is the way to go. It means spectacular views, unique experiences, and time to relax. There's something uniquely romantic about rail travel around the world. Check out the following infographic by Pettitts featuring some of the most spectacular rail trips in the world, and release your own wanderlust.

Infographic Sources:
The Jacobite
2. The Trans-Siberian railway turns 100: Facts, figures and how it was built
3. Trans-Siberian Railway
4. To the roof on the rails
5. Train travel in China
6. All aboard the toy train to the foothills of the Himalayas
7. Train travel in India
8. Cleartrip: Indian Railways IRCTC Train Tickets Reservation
9. Taking the train in Peru
10. Peru Rail
11. How to See Machu Picchu on the Cheap: The Ultimate Guide
12. Indian Pacific
13. Train travel in Australia
14. Onboard Experience
15. Un tren para tocar el cielo
16. Tarifas: Tren a las Nubes
17. Salta - La Polvorilla (Tren a las Nubes/Train to the Clouds)
18. Eastern and Oriental Express, south-east Asia - and the budget alternative
19. Luxury Train Travel In Southeast Asia
20. Train travel in Japan
21. 2 Day Rail, Vancouver-Banff
22. Crescent Route Guide
23. Train travel in the USA
24. Crescent Dining Car Menu
25. London-Venice

[Source: Pettitts.]

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