Saturday, 7 January 2017


From coordinating work projects with colleagues to planning next year’s family reunion, emails have become essential to our everyday lives. But are your contacts the only ones reading your email? Are you the only one sending email from your account? The truth is, you may not know. This infographic by Who Is Hosting This will help you detect threats and secure your inbox.

Infographic Sources:
US Government Officially Accuses Russia of Hacking Campaign to Interfere With Elections
2. Nearly 5 Million Google Passwords Leaked on Russian Site
3. Email Encryption in Transit
4. Google Goads Users to Use Encryption
5. Email security - Essential Guide
6. How Much Email Do We Use Daily? 182.9 Billion Emails Sent/Received Per Day Worldwide
7. Yahoo Finally Enables HTTPS Encryption for Email by Default
8. Protecting Customer Data From Government Snooping
9. Change Your Passwords: Comcast Hushes, Minimizes Serious Hack
10. 5 Million Gmail Usernames, Passwords Hacked And Posted To Russian Bitcoin Forum: Report
11. Yahoo Reveals Attempted Hack Against Email Accounts
12. The Giant Email Hack That Wasn’t
13. Russian Intelligence Hacked DNC Emails, Say Top US Officials
14. Google Data Shows That Around 50% Of Email Exchanges Aren’t Encrypted
15. Yahoo Wants to Keep Your Email Safe From Prying Eyes
16. Yahoo Rolls Out End-to-End Encryption for Email
17. Google’s End-To-End Gmail Encryption: An Excellent Development for the Enterprise
18. Google Wants to Add “Not Encrypted” Warnings to Gmail
19. 20 Ways to Keep Your Internet Identity Safe From Hackers
20. Email Safety Tips
21. BCC for Privacy!
22. Windows - About Two-Step Verification

[Source: Who Is Hosting This.]

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