Saturday, 14 October 2017


We know this issue by now: people glued to their smartphones, unaware of their surroundings and often being involved in nasty incidents or accidents that should have been avoided if only they look up. People are becoming so attached to their smartphones that you can barely find a person who will leave the house without one anymore. The average person now touches their smartphone display over 2,600 times a day, probably more than anything else they touch at all.

Studies have found that nearly hall of all people who own one use it for an alarm clock. They sleep with an EMF emitting device - which even the World Health Organization has now classified as possibly carcinogenic - right in their bedroom and in some cases right next to their pillow, on a bedside stand or even under it. Our whole society is being edited around having a smartphone now. We aren't programing this technology anymore, it's programing us. It's rewiring us to require a near constant stimulus. This video by Truthstream Media brings you just 5 examples of how this is changing us, rewiring us, engineering us.

Top image screen captured from the video.

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