Monday, 16 January 2012


Aviation Week's Defense Technology International has compiled the following map summarizing all the current and probable conflicts of 2012.

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For a clearer view of the map and further explanation, click here to download.

Overview by Aviation Week:
Will 2012 bring as many unexpected events as 2011? Changing orders in the Islamic world add more unpredictability, because nobody is sure where the new leadership will fall on the scales of idealism and pragmatism or on the role of Islamic law in society. Certainly, nobody a year ago anticipated an all-air NATO campaign against Libya.
The single biggest flashpoint as 2012 opens is the unresolved conflict between the U.S., Israel and Iran, over Tehran’s determination to join the nuclear club, coupled with the apocalyptic threats of its leaders. The crash of a U.S. stealth drone in December - claimed unconvincingly as a shootdown - shows how important intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance has become, but underlines the difficulties of managing relations with a closed society. And the more we learn about the Stuxnet virus, the more we realize that cyberwarfare is real and upon us.
Naval forces, meanwhile, find themselves in roles that seemed to be outgrown and roles that are new, or at least new to anyone born in the last 200 years. Chasing smugglers is one thing - but smugglers in submarines? In 2011, too, the war on piracy continued, and the Royal Navy engaged land targets in Libya with gunfire.
On land, the main developments of 2012 will be the drawdown in Iraq and attempts to stabilize the wreck of Afghanistan, while keeping the fractious and factional state of Pakistan in some kind of working order. Peace on earth? Not quite yet.
Below is another version of the same map from the Gizmodo website.

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Read the summary by Gizmodo here.

Overall, looking at the map does not bring any comfort at all. The world doesn't seem like a very nice place right now.

But how does Malaysia figure in all this? Notice Malaysia is coloured light grey in the Aviation Week’s map (dark grey in Gizmodo’s) – which signifies CALM. It’s a calm and peaceful place. So let’s not be side-tracked by some of our power-crazy local politicians who have nothing else to do but condemn our country. And in particular one “great God-gift” leader who keep exhorting his hoodwinked followers to “save Malaysia”. Malaysia is already a safe place! And there's nothing to save except himself!

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