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By now we should all be well appraised of the US’ and its allies’ intentions vis-a-vis Iran, about which I’ve written a few posts – see the related posts links at the end of this post. The beating of the war drums has not abated, with the full complicity of the controlled mainstream western media. There are of course few dissenting voices warning of the dire consequences of an attack on Iran, which are largely ignored. But, as the following article shows, there are still even voices who dare go a step further. The author may have developed a bold - and possibly unlikely - scenario here but, as is already apparent to the western allies, Iran is a different ballgame altogether.

10 Ways Attacking Iran Could Destroy The United States
By Alexander Higgins,
Alexander Higgins Blog, 25 April 2012.


The US and Israel planned the attack on Iran for years and thought they had it all figured out… But these 10 things they didn’t count on could bring destruction upon them.

By all means and to every possible end the Pentagon has run their war game simulations. Israel has deployed their Iron Dome missile defense. Top military brass have given their assurance that the naval build up in Persian Gulf is absolutely certain to offset the threat of the Iranian Navy, and mines are being deployed into the Strait of Hormuz. The US and its allies have stopped importing Iranian oil and have been given full assurances by Saudi Arabia they will make up for the loss of Iran’s oil. Strike plans have been deployed to the dozens of military bases surrounding Iran. Hundreds of Tomahawk missiles have been given infrastructure targets and once they hit, Iran’s defenses will be disabled. Thousands of spy drones have been deployed and are monitoring every inch of Iran’s soil in real-time. Stealth Bomber has been given their flight plans with the B-52′s to follow. The media is in place to report. The stage is set and all systems are go.


The false flag attack is on is needed because NATO allies don’t trust US claims that a pre-emptive strike is needed after western intelligence lies over WMD’s in Iraq. The trigger is pulled and the entire world believes Iran would just attack Israel. The United States and NATO are forced to defend Israel. They launch their meticulously planned offensive believing Iran’s oil fields would be under their control in less than 24 hours and Tehran would be sacked within 48 hours.

That was the plan but little did they know that it was America that would fall and this is how it happened.

1. Iran Cracked US Stealth Technology

During the build up to the war, the United States made it clear in their campaign of war propaganda that their strongest nuclear deterrence asset was their stealth and conventional bombers. When the decision is made to launch the attack on Iran, the first assets that were deployed were stealth bombers from Whiteman (Missouri), Maxwell (Alabama), and Barksdale (Louisiana). The United States was fully confident their stealth bombers would approach their targets undetected. The plan was the stealth bombers would unleash their payload so the bombs would strike their targets at the same time the Tomahawk missiles fired from warships located in the Persian Gulf hit their targets.

The only problem was that after Iran retrieved a downed stealth drone, Iran warned the US they cracked their stealth technology and could track stealth bombers on their radar. The arrogant US military officials thought it was all just a propaganda stunt. But it wasn’t, and as soon as the US launched their stealth bombers to attack, Iran was fully aware the attack was coming in a few hours. It was the beginning of the end…for the United States.


Just like radar allowed the allies to indiscriminately take out German bombers during World War II, the situation was now reversed. The US didn’t know it but their bombers were sitting ducks for the Iranian anti-aircraft systems that had been tracking them in the Gulf ever since they took off.

2. Iran Cracked US Drone Transmission and Missile Targeting Technology


Just like Iran warned the United States they cracked their stealth technology, Iran also warned that they cracked the top-secret drone technology. Even though Iran made it clear they were able to crack the data encryption methods on the stealth drone they recovered by announcing that the flight plans on the drone revealed it was used to fly over Bin Laden’s compound two weeks before the assassination raid, US military commanders were once again arrogant.


Top military brass assured civilian leaders in the United States that the retrieval of the data was inconsequential because the data was only stored on the drone using very weak encryption. What they refused to acknowledge was that Iranian engineers could reverse engineer the electronic communication technologies used by the drone to communicate with US military satellites. However, that is exactly what happened and not only did Iran achieve the ability to intercept such transmissions but they also achieved the ability to send their own control signals into the United States high-tech weapons systems.

As the stealth bombers approached their targets in Iran, the United States fired their Tomahawk missiles with the expectations that hundreds of critical infrastructure sites within Iran would be destroyed within moments - except that as soon as the missiles were in air, Iran overrode the coordinates on the Tomahawk missiles and redirected them to new targets.

3. A Barrage Of EMP And Missile Attacks Wipe Israel And US Military Bases Off The Map

The United States, Israel and Turkey were fully confident that the Iron Dome Missile Defense systems would be able to protect critical targets from a hundreds of thousands of Iranian missiles, except that they weren’t counting on one thing. As soon as Iran detected the stealth bombers coming in range, they unleashed the first wave of a series of hundreds of thousands of missiles that would soon light the night skies across the Middle East with fires that resembled a scene out of hell.


Tel-Aviv, Israel was the first target approached by the first wave or Iranian missiles. With Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense system ready, Israel fired their defensive missiles and celebrated in joy as they witnessed the Iranian missile that was just speeding through the air at hypersonic speeds turn into a massive fireball and light the night sky.

But the joy quickly turned into panic as the fireball disappeared from the sky and they noticed that everything had turned pitch black for as far as the eye could see. Iran knew fully well that their missiles couldn’t penetrated the west’s missile defense systems, so they devised a clever scheme to not only take out the defense systems, but to take out the power grid and all electronic equipments in locations where the missile defense systems were located.


Iran armed their first wave of missiles with EMP warheads designed to unleash a devastating shockwave that destroyed all electronics as soon as they were shot down by the missile defense system. As the nation’s capital darkened within a milliseconds the military realized that an Electromagnetic Pulse had just taken everything offline and realized that the city would be reduced to rubble in just a matter of moments as more missiles screamed through the sky toward Tel-Aviv.

Soon the result would be repeated in other Israeli cities, NATO bases in Turkey, and at the tens of dozens of other US military bases that surround Iran. As each location was taken offline, the destruction of their communication system prevented them from getting word to outside world about what was happening. At the same time, the Iranian navy fired missiles from their warships located in the Mediterranean Sea at various strategic western assets.

4. Underwater Torpedo Silos Take Out The US Navy And Iran Shuts Down The Straight Of Hormuz


The United States had prepared their naval build up in the Middle East based on the assumption that the greatest threat they would face is mines being deployed to shut down the Strait of Hormuz and a few Iranian warships trying to protect those mines.

The US were planning on the fact that Iran had prepared to shut down the Strait of Hormuz another way. Realizing they couldn’t match the United States Naval power and that land based missiles could easily be targeted by the United States Air Force, the Iranians have secretly been spending years digging massive tunnels and underground bases. As part of these operations, Iran dug out a series of tunnels that lead to underwater silos along their coast from which they can release mines and fire torpedoes without being detected.

As Iran rained downed hundreds of thousands of missiles on locations around the Middle East, they also take out the US Navy build up in the Persian Gulf by firing torpedoes from their underwater silos as US military commanders are dumbfounded as to where the torpedoes are coming from. Unlike the EMP missiles strikes, word of these attacks reached back to the homeland. After the naval threat was neutralized, Iran deployed thousands of sea mines into the Gulf and shuts off the Strait of Hormuz.

5. Iran Takes Out Saudi Oil Pipelines and Stock Piles

Map of oil fields in Saudi Arabia

Soon after word reached the homeland that Iran had shutdown the Strait of Hormuz, panic hit the global financial markets and oil prices skyrocketed to over US$400 per barrel. But that was only the beginning as reports soon came in that among the critical infrastructure destroyed by Iran included key oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia where Saudi Arabia had stockpiled oil in preparation from the attack on Iran. Even more devastating is news that those stock piles would not be replaced because Iran took out several Saudi Oil pipelines and drilling sites. Soon after, massive hyperinflation hits the markets and the dollar becomes nearly worthless as nations around the globe realize that 2/3 of the world’s oil supplies had just been removed from the equation and modern civilization was on a freight train heading toward a brick wall.


Global civil unrest and martial law followed as the masses realized that the remaining 1/3 of the world’s oil would be seized by the world’s military to keep their war machines alive.

6. An Armada of Modern Day Trojan Horses


From there things just got worse. In preparing for the war, Iran deployed an armada of modern-day Trojan horses in an assortment of sizes. For starters, they had secretly deployed a network of oil and cargo shipping companies around the globe. Hundreds of oil tankers were secretly equipped with explosives and satellite controlled detonators. Soon massive tankers full of oil docked in western ports around the world exploded, taking out key ports that were needed to supply commercial and military supply lines.

Other shipping tanks had secretly been equipped with weapons and began destroying cargo ships on the high seas around the globe. Even more sinister was the secret lining at the bottom of 55 gallon drums with explosives and detonators. By the time the war had broke out, explosive drums full of oil had proliferated around the world. When Iran finally pulled the triggered, tens of thousands of factories, warehouse and stockpiles around the world went up in a cloud of smoke.

7. Sleeping Super Virus Is Triggered In First Of Wave Of Doomsday Cyber Attacks


The United States and Israel infected computer systems around the globe with the now infamous Stuxnet virus. The Hacker Group Anonymous has since leaked the source code online. Iran has reverse engineered the virus and has rewritten the code changing its parameters so it targeted the infrastructure of United States and other developed nations instead of Iran. After the attack on Iran was launched, Iran activated their new sleeping super virus, and the repeated warnings from the US that hackers could take the US power grid offline and send the US back into the stone age became a reality.


Soon after activating Stuxnet 2.0, Iran released a series of cyber security exploits their intelligence agencies had discovered through many year of research but had kept secret. But US attack on Iran changed everything and cyber security security attack tools already packaged with existing critical infrastructure exploits became supercharged. Within hours a global network of hundreds of thousands of hackers took out nuclear power plants, the entire US electricity grid, air traffic control systems, US satellites and whole plethora of systems taken for granted in people’s daily lives. The attacks were soon scripted and zombie computers around the globe joined in on a non-stop barrage of cyber attacks. The United States had no chance.

8. Sleeper Agents Launch A War Along US-Mexico Border


According to the US Congress, quoting US intelligence officials, Iran has set up an elaborate gun smuggling network within Mexico and has used Hezbollah to infiltrate the Mexican Drug Cartels. After the United States attacks Iran, these agents quickly launch attacks along the Mexico border. The cartels are more than happy to provide foot soldiers for the war because instability means more drugs entering the United States and more profits.

Soon a sophisticated network of Hezbollah narco-tunnels along the border are used to wage attacks on several US law enforcement and civilian control agencies. The resulting turmoil also weakens the agencies inside of Mexico fighting the cartels with the assistance of the US. Soon the destruction of various targets along the border bring the entire area under the control of the drug cartels and Iranian Hezbollah agents, and the entire US-Mexico border turns into an uncontrolled war zone.

9. Muslims And Activists Wage Worldwide Attacks Against The US And Its Allies


Muslims and anti-war activists, enraged by the killing of millions of people by the US and its allies over the last couple of decades, came out in force in reaction to the attack on Iran. Within the United States massive civil unrest erupted due to hyper inflation following the skyrocketed oil costs, which then escalated as activists and Muslims alike launched an all out campaign of attacks. Extremists sympathetic with Iran, Palestine and other Islamic nations that had been targeted by the US in the war on terror, joined in and began attacking key civilian infrastructure.

Railroads, train stations and other mass transportation targets are hit, resulting in a devastating blow to American capitalism. In the US and around the world, strategic bridges, roadways and heavily congested public places are taken out with bombs to strike fear among the peaceful. More sophisticated attacks using tools such as cutting lasers are conducted in stealth to weaken and destroy other bridges and infrastructure that begins to mysteriously and unexpectedly fail. Government spy cameras and other devices are destroyed. The Alaskan oil pipeline and oil refineries are sacked and looted, trucks transporting gas and oil are hijacked and other energy targets are hit. Similar attacks take place in cities around the globe that are allied with the United States and NATO.

10. World War III Starts


Russia, China, India and other nations have been pushed beyond boiling points for a long time ago by the United States’ bullying and imperialism. The total spectrum of dominance of the United States military is the only thing that kept this sleeping coalition of semi-super powers from uniting and putting the United States in its place. The US thought they would sack Iran in less than a week and the world would continue just as it had before the attack.

In the bloody aftermath of the attack, the world was left awestruck at how well Iran countered the offensive. After witnessing the debilitating injuries Iran caused the US, the smell of blood coming from a wounded prey turned China, Russia and India into unrelenting nations… Hundreds of thousands of Russian and Chinese sleeper agents within the United States were activated. The Chinese triggered the kill switches they built into all US civilian and military computers and electronic devices and the US military quickly realized they should have taken their US-made-only mandate more seriously. The rise of globalism and the intricacies of the global financial markets was another Achilles heel. China unleashes their assassins mace, launching attacks on US military bases and naval assets in the Pacific within a matter of hours.

China Building Nuclear EMP Bomb For Use In War Against US

The Russians followed Iran’s trick and fired EMP armed missiles at NATO missile defense systems and rendered them as useless. Russia deployed their Army and Air Force to attack targets in Eastern Europe and Afghanistan as they joined China in launching a campaign of cyber attacks and destroying US satellites. With the US space program out of commission, the full spectrum of dominance of the US military ended once and for all. This was all during the early days of World War III, before the Chinese invented Stuxnet 3.0 which could infect electronics by traveling through the airwaves. Soon hackers reverse engineered the virus and used it to self-detonate every nuclear missile on the globe.

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