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New Picture (17)

One of my previous posts showed some stunning photos, captured by an astronaut, of earth from space. This post presents another set of magnificent images of earth from space, this time taken by a space tourist.

Gaia: Photos of Earth From Space Tourist Guy Laliberte
by Clara Moskowitz,

Canadian space tourist Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil, paid his way to space aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in 2009. Two years later, he published a book called "Gaia" (Assouline, June 2011), of photos of Earth [shown below] he took from the International Space Station.

1. Kazakhstan Desert Seen From Space
Kazakhstan Desert Seen From SpaceCredit: ASSOULINE.
The desert of Kazakhstan, off the coast of the Caspian sea, as seen from the International Space Station by Guy Laliberte.

2. Mongolia Seen From Space
Mongolia Seen From SpaceCredit: ASSOULINE.
Space tourist Guy Laliberte snapped this photo of the western region of Mongolia, featuring Lake Har Us Nuur.

3. Turkey's Euphrates River
Turkey's Euphrates RiverCredit: ASSOULINE.
The Euphrates River winds through Turkey in this photo taken from the International Space Station by space tourist Guy Laliberte.

4. Chad, Africa From Space
Chad, Africa From SpaceCredit: ASSOULINE.
The foot of the Emi Koussi volcano in Chad, photographed by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte.

5. Mexico From Space
Mexico From SpaceCredit: ASSOULINE.
The Gulf of California in Mexico is visible from the International Space Station, where space tourist Guy Laliberte looked down and shot this photo.

6. Mingus Mountain in Arizona, USA
Mingus Mountain in ArizonaCredit: ASSOULINE.
Arizona, near Mingus Mountain, as seen from space by Guy Laliberte, from his new book "Gaia."

7. Tibet From Space
Tibet From SpaceCredit: ASSOULINE.
Tibet's Lake Duli Shihu is seen in this photo from space by Guy Lalibert.

8. Sliver of Earth From Space
Sliver of Earth From SpaceCredit: ASSOULINE.
The elusive sliver of light from a shadowed Earth is one of space tourist Guy Laliberte's most prized photos among those he took from the International Space Station in 2009.

image image
Spaceflight participant Guy Laliberte is pictured in the Unity node of the International Space Station Oct. 5, 2009. Credit: NASA
The Soyuz TMA-16 rocket launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, carrying Canadian space tourist Guy Laliberte and professional spaceflyers Jeff Williams and Maxim Suraev. Credit: NASA TV

Top image: Gaia book cover. Credit: ASSOULINE, available for purchase at ASSOULINE Boutiques worldwide and through

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