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Adventurers short on time and travel money can still make a trip this weekend to one of the most inaccessible and exotic spots in Morocco.

With the click of a remote, viewers can visit Taffraout Isserce, a tiny mountain village of only 200 people, thanks to a new episode of "Born to Explore," a television series that sends host Richard Wiese to far-flung spots around the globe in search of adventure.

A lifelong explorer, Wiese has spent the first season of the show searching out encounters with wildlife and untouched cultures. In this week's episode, he certainly succeeded in the latter.

According to the Moroccan officials who helped arrange the visit, when Wiese and his crew arrived in Taffarout Isserce in November 2011, they were the first non-Moroccans to set foot there.

"I was as sceptical as can be," Wiese told Our Amazing Planet. "Morocco is a really well- travelled place, so I thought, how could you visit a place that non-Moroccans had never been?"

Yet according to Wiese's interpreter and residents of the tiny hamlet, the Americans would be the first foreigners to visit...

The following are images from Richard Wiese’s trip to Taffarout Isserce, Morocco.

Images: Morocco's Rugged Beauty
Our Amazing Planet, 24 February 2012.

1. Moroccan Beauty
Moroccan BeautyCredit: Born to Explore
Richard Wiese and villagers walk the terrain in the High Atlas Mountain near the village of Tafraout Issirce at sunset.

2. Family Ceremony
Family CeremonyCredit: Born to Explore
Traditional Berber wedding ceremony.

3. Traditional Crafts
Traditional CraftsCredit: Born to Explore
Berber women and children gather around their traditional handicraft.

4. Traditional Farming
Traditional FarmingCredit: Born to Explore.
Berber man employs traditional farming technique.

5. Traditional Cooking Methods
Traditional Cooking MethodsCredit: Born to Explore.
Wiese learns traditional cooking methods from villagers.

6. Tea Time
Tea TimeCredit: Born to Explore.
Wiese shares Moroccan tea with village elders.

7. Getting Acquainted
Getting AcquaintedCredit: Born to Explore.
Wiese gets acquainted with local goats.

9. Moroccan Villages
Moroccan VillagesCredit: Born to Explore.
Richard Wiese and villagers walk the terrain in the High Atlas Mountain near the village of Tafraout.

[Source: Our Amazing Planet. Edited. Top image added.]

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