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Best Science Photos of the Week - April 7, 2012
Live Science, 7 April 2012.

1. Visual Delights!
Visual Delights!Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/P. N. Appleton (SSC/Caltech)
From the colourful insides of animals to auroras on Venus and panda love, this week was full of visual fun. Take this "galactic Easter egg," the Cartwheel galaxy stands out against a backdrop of other brightly-coloured galactic bodies. The Easter egg appearance of this galaxy is due to false colours representing various wavelengths of light - ultraviolet in blue, B-band visible light in green, infrared in red and X-ray radiation in purple. [See more amazing science images]

2. Venetian Aurora
Venetian AuroraCredit: ESA
The same magnetic phenomenon that causes auroras on Earth has now surprisingly been discovered creating giant magnetic bubbles around Venus, a planet without a magnetic field. (Shown here, Venus' southern hemisphere, as seen in the ultraviolet.) [Read full story]

3. Animals Inside Out
Animals Inside OutCredit: © Gunther von Hagens, Institute for Plastination, Heidelberg, Germany
Gunther von Hagens, creator of the controversial yet wildly popular "Body Worlds" exhibit of dead humans, has expanded his penetrating vision by presenting "Animals Inside Out." In the exhibition opening Friday (April 6) at the Natural History Museum in London, von Hagens reveals the muscles, blood vessels and weird insides of animal corpses, like this ostrich. [Read full story]

4. Glowing Shark
Glowing SharkCredit: © Gunther von Hagens, Institute for Plastination, Heidelberg, Germany
During the plastination process coloured liquid resin is injected into the animal's main arterial network. When the surrounding tissue is removed a perfect highway of vessels is revealed. Here, a surreal-looking porbeagle shark (a type of mackerel shark), which will greet visitors of the exhibition, has had its skin removed to show the intricate blood system underneath. [See more "animals inside out" images]

5. Texan Tornadoes
Texan TornadoesCredit: Brandon Sullivan -
An estimated 10 to 18 tornadoes ploughed through the Dallas metropolitan area on April 3, tossing semi-trailers high in the air, destroying homes and pelting the region with hail the size of golf balls. [Read full story]

6. Panda Madness
Panda MadnessCredit: Mehgan Murphy, Smithsonian's National Zoo
For all their cuteness, giant pandas are in a tight spot. There are fewer than 1,600 pandas left in the wild, and a new study found that more than half of the bears' already diminished natural habitat will be unliveable in 70 years thanks to climate change. Shown here, 3-year-old Tai Shan. [Read full story]

7. Dogs Are Only Human
Dogs Are Only HumanCredit: JoAnne Haupert
Man and his best friend have something in common: Both get worn out by having to exert self-control and end up making dumb decisions, a new study finds. [Read full story]

8. Volcanic Plumbing Revealed
Volcanic Plumbing RevealedCredit: Thorsteinn Jonsson, University of Iceland
New research looking at volcanoes in Iceland and the Afar region of Ethiopia - the two areas where mid-ocean ridges, where Earth's tectonic plates are moving apart, are visible at the surface of the Earth - found that the underground caverns holding a volcano's magma aren’t buried as deeply as scientists had thought. These caverns, called magma chambers, also swell, shrink and pulse every now and then, yielding possible clues about the size and timing of a volcano's next big eruption. [Read full story]

[Source: Live Science. Edited. Top image added.]

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