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Secure Your Online Life: 10 Great Password Generators
By Igor Ovsyannykov,
Inspirationfeed, 9 July 2014.

There are far too many people using passwords that can be easily cracked within a few hours. The best way to find a password that has the least likeliness of being cracked is to try one of the numerous online generators that will set one up for you. Below you will find ten different web tools you can use to generate very strong passwords.

Online security is very important. If somebody can hack into your accounts, they can find anything out about you, apply for a number of credit cards and services online, take your money, etc. The best way to ensure that this does not happen is to make sure that your password is long and secure so that hackers will have trouble breaking in.

Pro tip: If you would rather choose one for yourself, make it so it has random numbers, symbols, letters, and the cases for the letters vary.


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Random is a site where you can generate numbers free of charge. It is easy to use and offers a great deal of strong passwords to the individual. This has been used for gambling sites, lotteries, and a lot of others where a good strong password is needed. This site uses atmospheric noise, such as background noise to help generate true random numbers.

2. Norton Identity Safe

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Norton Identity Safe is a password program that generates high level of security passwords for the consumer. This program stores the passwords on your computer and lets you know if they are strong enough. It is a very reliable system bound to save you time and the hassle of having to remember a variety of passwords.

3. Strong Password Generator

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Strong Password Generator is a basic, easy-to-use website where you can go on, click the random number generator button, where it will then choose a password for you. The result is given in a matter of seconds, and you can retry if the password is not suitable. It gives you an easier alternative to having to remember the password by associating the characters of the password with names and numbers.

4. Passcreator

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Passcreator is a website that is easy to use even for the person that does not know much about websites. You get to choose whether you want numbers, lower or upper cases and characters within the password and then you click a button to create the word for you. You can create more than one password at once. This tool is a very fast, efficient way of getting high level security passwords.


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This online generator instantly provides a 10-character password with no clicking involved. It is free of charge and you can create many more passwords with a simple click of the button. There are two passwords to choose from with every generation, one is semi-pronounceable so you may find it easier to remember and the second is more secure, but random letters and numbers, so it is harder to remember.

6. Password Generator

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Password Generator is a one-page site where you can choose the kind of template that you would like your password to be, and then they create it for you free of charge. They are generated in a matter of seconds and you are given a choice of ten different passwords for one generation click. It is a very basic site but generates high level security passwords.


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The Phonetic Password Generator has a variety of options when it come to choosing your password. You can have anywhere from 4-31 characters, consonants or vowels and allows specials characters. There is a choice of two different patterns and you can retry numerous times free of charge to find the perfect password that suits you. There is a choice of ten passwords to choose from every time you generate a new password.


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Any time Perfect Passwords is opened it generates a new 64 random character password and two 63 random character ones as well. The chances of anyone getting the same one is very low; it is unique to the individual. Simple and easy to use, the way to get a new password if you require one is to refresh the page and another three will be randomly generated.

9. Safepasswd

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Safepasswd is a great tool to generate a very strong password - with the amount of characters of the password getting as high as 80 or even more if you wish. You are able to copy and paste the password so you can save it to your computer. You can choose to start again if you do not like a particular password.

10. Passwordbird

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Passwordbird is a site where you can enter a name, word and date that is special to you, and they can create a password using those three ideas. You can get many different varieties by generating again. It is free of charge and adds a personal touch to any password, making it easier to remember as well.

[Source: Inspirationfeed. Edited.]

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