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Want This New Innovation? The COOLEST Cooler Ever
By Laurie Kay Olson,
Inventor Spot, 12 July 2014.

It is that time of year again - the one where we spend time outdoors in the wide open spaces. It finds us trying to pack well-chilled drinks and food that won't poison us along for the ride. Of course you can pack up ye olde cooler and take off, but you are likely to end up with soggy sandwiches and little else out of it. So it is time the cooler was reinvented to be, well, cooler. And it has. Check out the COOLEST Cooler ever!

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The COOLEST is not just a cooler. Oh, no! It is way cooler than that. This new advanced level of camping and picnic technology has moved the poor little average cooler to super hero status.

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How would you like to have a built in blender that can crush ice for frosty, slushy drinks?  What about a USB port to recharge your phone? Would you like detachable speakers that work with your Smart Phone? Sounds pretty cool for a cooler, doesn't it?

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The COOLEST doesn't stop there, cool as all that is. It also has a built in bottle opener, a cutting board that doubles as a partition in the cooler, space for storing plates and a cutting knife, and LED lights built into the lid so that you don't have to grope for your favourite soda in the dark.

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Could there be anything more? But of course! The COOLEST is also equipped with beach tires so that you won't get stuck in tough terrain. It also comes with a gear tie-down to that you can put more stuff on top and haul it all at once.

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So where can you buy the COOLEST? Well, you can't. This wonderful brainchild of Ryan Grepper, an inventor who has brought a number of products to the market successfully. For this project he is seeking funding on Kickstarter. Of his US$50K request for crowd funding he has raised over US$2 million with 49 days to go. This is another one of those Kickstarter items that has started to go wild but with an actual wild and crazy product to support. 

The COOLEST is definitely coming to market - projected for 2015 - and I'm guessing this is one product that is going to fly off the shelves because it is so darn ingenious. I am also guessing that the reason so many people are backing this project is so that they can be among the first to get the COOLEST. It will save these people at least US$115 off the retail price.

If this guy has received US$2 million in pledges in the first 3 days it is hard to imagine how well funded his COOLEST will end up being. And that is totally cool.

Images and video via Kickstarter

Article Source: Kickstarter

Top image credit: Coolest.

[Post Source: Inventor Spot. Edited. Some images added.]

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