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Tasty Tech Eye Candy Of The Week (July 13)
By Tracy Staedter,
Discovery News, 13 July 2014.

The week, our images celebrate the imagination of inventors, from individuals such as Erno Rubik, who invented the Rubik's cube, to corporations such as GE, who have designed the world's largest indoor farm.

1. Tentsile Tree Tents

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Here, UK inventor Alex Shirley-Smith shows off her portable suspended tent that lets anyone set up a treehouse wherever there's a sturdy tree. Her Tentsile tree tents not only fit in a backpack, but the company will plant three trees for every tent purchased.

2. Glass River Table

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Washington-based furniture designer and maker Greg Klassen transforms reclaimed wood into aerial views of geologic splendour. Glass pieces embedded into wood tables resemble clear rivers and lakes.

3. Rubik on the Hudson

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This week, a giant Rubik's Cube floated down the Hudson River to help celebrate the birthday of the puzzle's inventor, Erno Rubik, and also to mark the Beyond Rubik's Cube exhibition at New York's Liberty Science Centre.

4. World's Largest Indoor Farm

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In Japan, in Miyagi Prefecture, where an earthquake and tsunami destroyed a great deal of coastline in 2011, one can find the world's largest indoor farm. Here, 10,000 heads of lettuce per day are cultivated from the 25,000 square-foot facility, illuminated by 17,500 LED lights made by GE.

5. Exchange Flexible Tablet

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Designer Jeffrey Brown has conceived of a way to transform handwritten notes and drawings into digital art. His concept is called Exchange, a flexible, electronic device that comes with a stylus. Attach Exchange to a notebook or paper and then use the stylus to scan notes or drawings as they are written.

6. Cloud Lamp

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Cloud, a lamp, was developed by New Zealand-based designer Richard Clarkson and is meant to bring the outdoors inside. A built-in computer, as well as speakers and sensors, produce realistic-sounding thunder and lightning when motion is detected in the room.

7. One Hour of Trash

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New York City residents and visitors toss out 53,780 plastic bottles every hour. Designer Jason Klimoski and his team at STUDIO KCA wanted to drive home that disturbing fact by forming the same number of plastic milk jugs and water bottles into this sculpture called “Head in the Clouds.” It was on display last summer on Governor’s Island and is currently looking for a new home.

8. First Predator On Land

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The long-extinct trigonotarbid - an early relative of the spider - was one of the first predators to walk on land. researchers from the University of Manchester in the UK used an open-source computer graphics program to create a computer simulation bring the extinct predator back to virtual life.

9. City Under Glass

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The UAE is known for doing everything big. The latest mega-project is a 48-million-square-feet "pedestrian city" for Dubai. A temperature-controlled domed retail area covering 4.3 miles will keep shoppers cool and comfortable.

10. Lotus In Bloom

New Picture 476

Not to be outdone in architectural prowess, China has commissioned the Lotus Building and People’s Park for the city of Wujin. The 3.5-hectare site will feature an artificial lake from where three connected buildings will rise, each one representing the lotus flower in different stages of bloom.

Top image: The Lotus Building and People’s Park. Credit: Studio505.

[Source: Discovery News. Edited. Top image and some links added.]

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