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Wow! The Most Amazing Images in Science This Week
Live Science, 5 August 2014.

Arctic waves, a stunning oasis and walking artichokes are just the beginning or the most awesome pictures in Science this week.

1. Surf's up

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Shrinking arctic sea ice has led to a unique event - record-high waves hitting the Alaska coastline. The study found house-sized swells pounding the shore and predicts even larger surges as arctic ice melts further in coming decades.

2. Cultural hotspots glow

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A new study exploring how people migrate finds New York City and Paris to be historically cultural centres of activity. The study noted changes in patterns of migration, including reasons for the changes such as the appearance of the affordable car.

3. Old sci-fi artwork

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OMNI magazine, founded by Bob Guccione, never brought in a profit but set the stage for such current science magazines as Wired and websites like BoingBoing. These images graced the cover of the trend-setting magazine over the years.

4. Amazing kidneys

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To enhance the understanding of how the body and brain work together, researchers have created a translucent mouse. The technique potentially gives scientists access to anything involved in whole-organism research.

5. Hidden Alaska forests

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Deep in the recesses of Alaska, a considerable tract of forest has remained unknown for years. Until recently even satellite pictures have been limited to resembling green strokes of a paintbrush.

6. Stunning oasis

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In Botswana an oasis brimming with life materializes in the Kalahri Desert. The delta attracts birds, elephants giraffes and more and is an essential part of life for these creatures during the dry season.

7. Amazing octomom

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Winning the award for best mom in the animal world, this octopus spent 53 months protecting a single clutch of eggs, the only one she will produce in her lifetime. The findings also indicate that deep see octopus species may live longer than previously thought.

8. Walking artichokes?

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Garnering the regrettable title of most trafficked mammal in the world, the Pangolin is being poached into extinction. The critically endangered animal is used in China and Vietnam in medicines and eaten as a delicacy.

9. Galaxy-spying telescope

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With the blessing of The Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources, construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope is slated to begin atop Mauna Kea in late 2014. While it created controversy with native Hawaiians, the creators of the project have worked with the locals to integrate respect for the sacred volcano into its plans.

10. Heat-loving critters and health

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Researchers are studying thermophiles - extreme heat-loving creatures - to understand how membrane proteins work. Developing this understanding may help develop more effective medications for a range of diseases.

Top image credit: Maximilian Schich & Mauro Martino, 2014, via Live Science.

[Source: Live Science. Edited.]

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