Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Stadiums of Light
By G Barrett,
Lyco, 16 August 2016.

Stadiums: they are the coliseums of the modern era. Thousands of people gather to watch athletes face off against one another all year around. They are popular for tourists and locals alike. These huge numbers of people have paved the way for these giant constructions to become more and more impressive, both in terms of architectural design and the technology used within.

Well, with the recent 2016 Summer Olympics, we thought it would be interesting to look at the greatest use of lighting in stadiums around the world, exploring the visuals, practical use and just the sheer number of lights used. From the fantastic glowing Ice-cube in Beijing to the giant LED fa├žade on the Allianz Arena, there are some impressive and inspirational designs out there.

So take a look below and let us know if you’ve been to or are planning to go to any of these amazing stadiums.

[Click here for full image]

[Source: Lyco.]

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