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The Strangest Driving Rules from Around the World
FDB, 14 February 2016.

Red lights, seat belts and zebra crossings… We all need to follow the rules of the road in order to keep ourselves and our fellow road users safe, but in some countries the driving rules are so wacky, it's fair to say that their rules and regulations have gone one step too far.

Our latest infographic outlines the most far-fetched driving rules from around the world, so buckle up; these ridiculously strange rules are set to drive you crazy!

Infographic sources and images (link):
Hang Nga Guesthouse
2. Saudi Arabia: Driving in Saudi Arabia
3. Russia:
Russia bans transgender people from driving
(b) The 10 Weirdest Driving Laws In The World
4. Manila: Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program
5. USA:
The 10 Weirdest Driving Laws In The World
(b) Dumb Laws in Oregon
(c) Dumb Laws in West Virginia
6. Cyprus:
10 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World (Smarter Travel)
10 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World (Huffington Post)
7. Mexico:
How I got my driving license without a test
(b) Mexico’s Strange Laws and Interesting Facts
8. Japan:
Strange Driving Laws
(b) 7 of the strangest driving license rules around the world
9. Singapore: Bizarre traffic laws around the world
10. Nepal: Nepal's Drunk Drivers Face "Sniff Tests"
11. Pedestrian Crossings: In Beijing It’s Illegal For Vehicles To Stop At Pedestrian Crossings!
12. Car Washing:
Denmark: Don't Start Your Car With Someone Underneath It
(b) Six Crazy Laws #4
13. Children:
Bizarre Laws from Around the World
(b) Driving in France
14. Petrol:
10 Weird Driving Laws that You Didn't Know
(b) It's illegal to run out of fuel on the autobahn due to it being viewed as an avoidable occurrence

[Source: FDB. Edited.]

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