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Tribes from Around the World
Fly Abu Dhabi, 8 March 2016.

There are some famous tribes around the world that we have all probably heard of, such as the Aborigines and the Maori. However, there are thousands of tribes in every corner of the world, many of whom still haven’t ever been contacted by outsiders. Even for the tribes who have been in contact with the outside world, it’s often very difficult to find out much about them as they can be suspicious of strangers, and can therefore be rather hostile.

Our latest infographic gives examples of some familiar, and some perhaps not-so-familiar, tribes from around the world, and explains their ways and cultures. The infographic also tells you the estimated population of the tribes, ranging from just 1 to 2,000,000. Some cultures include customs such as where the women wear coils around their necks in order to elongate them, or where the men stay at home to look after the children rather than going hunting. Take a look at the infographic below to find out more.

Tribes from Around the World

[Source: Fly Abu Dhabi.]

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