Tuesday, 8 March 2016


This Newly Discovered Octopus Species Totally Looks Like a Ghost
This Newly Discovered Octopus Species Totally Looks Like a Ghost
By Casey Chan,
Sploid, 7 March 2016.

Octopuses, undoubtedly the best creature lurking in the ocean, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and colours but this one might be gnarliest of them all: it’s a ghost. Or at least it looks like it. Recently spotted in the deep sea 2.6 miles down in the ocean, the octopus could very well be an entirely new species. To my eyes, it’s like a real life cartoon ghost or if the ghosts from Pac-Man came alive.

For one, the octopus has very few muscles, and is almost gelatinous in consistency. This is likely because there’s little food in the deep sea, and it takes a lot of energy to build muscles.
What’s more, its wraith-like appearance is due to a total lack of pigment cells, or chromatophores, which are useless in the dark depths.

[Source: Sploid.]

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