Thursday, 10 March 2016


Unique Island Animals
Visit IOM, 3 March 2016.

The unique selection pressures of the environment and relative isolation of islands are the perfect mix of factors to evolve animals that are completely different to what we see normally.

Animals that only live naturally in one place are known as being “endemic” to that habitat. From the Brookesia micra, the smallest known chameleon in the world, to the incredibly colourful and aptly names Wilson’s Bird of Paradise, our infographic details some of the most intriguing island creatures our planet has to offer.

Unfortunately, in some cases the very factors that have shaped these extraordinary creatures are fast becoming their downfall, due to loss of their limited habitat and the ease of poaching from small areas of living. Indeed, many creatures featured on our list are worryingly close to extinction, with some even being thought extinct before being rediscovered! We have explored some of the most interesting, amazing and extraordinary island animals all around the world in our infographic, “Unique Island Animals.”

Unique Island Animals

[Source: Visit IOM.]

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