Thursday, 30 March 2017


The phrase “irrational exuberance” was coined to describe what was going on in the tech world of the late 1990s. Investors were putting huge amounts of money into startups that had no plan for becoming profitable. It all crashed eventually, leaving us only some humorous and horrible stories.

Infographic Sources:
10 Big Flops
2. Sock Puppet Finds a New Home
3. 8 Dot-Coms That Spent Millions on Super Bowl Ads and No Longer Exist
4. Netpliance Quits Web Appliance Business, Slashes Jobs
5. Shareholder Sues Netpliance Over plan to Go Private
6. Netpliance Executes Stock Split, Changes Name
7. 3com Buys Tippingpoint
8. H-P to Acquire 3Com for $2.7 Billion
9. 17 Dot Com Failures and Their Modern Counterparts
10. Case Study - a Classic Example of Failed Ecommerce Strategy
11. From the Ashes of Webvan, Amazon Builds a Grocery Business
12. The Grocery E-Tailer That Raised Over $800 Million… Before Filing for Bankruptcy
13. AmazonFresh, Amazon’s Grocery Delivery Service, Wakes Back Up With a Launch in Boston
14. AmazonFresh Grocery Delivery Service Now Available in Los Angeles
15. Launches AmazonFresh Grocery Service in San Francisco
16. AmazonFresh Rolls Into San Diego
17. Where Are They Now? New York City’s Dot Com Entrepreneurs
18. Joe Kraus: General Partner
19. Google Has Officially Dethroned Apple as the World’s Most Valuable Company
20. The $7 Billion Delusion
21. Ask Jeeves Finalizes iWon & Excite Acquisition
22. US Online Retail Sales Will Grow 57% by 2018
23. Webvan Delivers Its Last Word: Bankruptcy
24. Webvan Goes Under: Online Grocer Shuts Down

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