Friday, 19 May 2017


When cities and architects get together to create extravagant subway stations, these underground fortresses become hidden wonders of the modern world. This infographic by Pettitts presents 12 of the most weird and wonderful subway stations around the globe.

Infographic Sources:
Moscow Metro & Monorail Scheme
2. Sokolniki Park
3. Made in USSR
4. Sokolniki (Moscow Metro)
5. Moscow Metro: Fare options
6. Avtovo station of Saint Petersburg Subway
7. St Petersburg subway station recognized as one of world’s most beautiful
8. Avtovo (Saint Petersburg Metro)
9. St. Petersburg Metro
10. The Circus in Avtovo
11. Anna Akhmatova Museum at the Fountain House
12. Beijing Railway Station
13. Beijing Subway
14. Beijing Ancient Observatory
15. Ming City Walls Ruins Park
16. Single fare finder (Transport for London)
Industrial underground
18. Westminster Underground Station
19. The five best tube station designs
20. Westminster Bridge
21. London's Big Ben
22. Toronto Transit Commission Prices
23. Secrets of the Astor Place Subway Station
24. Astor Place Clinton Hall
25. The Beavers of Astor Place
26. Monroe/State Station
27. CTA Fares & Tickets
28. Entrance of Monroe Subway on the CTA Red Line of Chicago
29. Art on the TTC
30. Entrance to Dupont TTC subway station in Toronto
31. World's most beautiful Metro stations
32. Subway stations worth getting off the train for
33. Tarifas
34. Mural of Toral in the Universidad de Chile metro station
35. Kungsträdgården (Tub3, all lines)
36. Fares & tickets for your SL journey
37. Stockhom Tunnenbana, arts at the station Kungsträdgården
38. 17 of the world's nicest, brightest metro stations - from New York to Moscow
39. Dubai Metro Tickets
40. Metro Dubai on its opening day September 10th, 2009 - Station Khaleed bin Waleed (Bur Juman)
41. Subway Station Iidabashi 2000
42. Tokyo Metro: Regular Tickets
43. Iidabashi-C3
44. Get to know them: Nuevos Ministerios
45. Entrance of Nuevos Ministerios metro station in Madrid (Spain)

[Source: Pettitts.]

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