Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Work Etiquette Around The World
By Valli Vishnubhotla,
Market Inspector, 25 August 2016.

With trade barriers going down, the world is getting more connected and businesses are becoming global. However, every country is different from the other in various aspects ranging from how to greet people to making decisions and running a business.

Being aware of these differences can take you a long way in establishing a business relationship, or at least saving you from it going bad.

The infographic identifies and compares ten different countries based on factors such as work-life balance, dress code, punctuality, introductions and many more. It also shows how business meetings are conducted in different cultures.

For instance, in South Africa maintaining eye contact during a meeting is very important to show interest, whereas in England, prolonged eye contact makes people uncomfortable so it’s best to not maintain eye contact for a long time.

While small talk and casual chatting is quite common during meetings in U.A.E, getting down to business immediately is a better thing to do in the U.S as Americans think that time is money and it should not be wasted on small talk.

There are many more interesting facts compiled together in this infographic that can help one understand global work practices and business culture.

Work _etiquette _around _the _world
[Post Source: Market Inspector.]

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