Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Taste sensations
The Greenhouse People, 11 August 2016.

We’re all familiar with the burning sensation that follows a naive bite into a hot chili pepper, or the strong aroma that accompanies chopping onions (not to mention the stinging eyes!). But have you ever stopped to ask what exactly is causing these reactions?

Since the majority of these fascinating sensations come from plants that are familiar sights in gardens and greenhouses up and down the country, we have put our lab coats on and launched an investigation into exactly what makes mint feel cool and garlic have such a distinct smell.

So prepare to be amazed by the magnificent molecules responsible for the sensations of foods. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee it will make you any better at handling the spiciness of those chillies - but at least you’ll be fully aware of why your face is red and steam is coming out of your ears as you gulp down gallons of water!

Taste sensations

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