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By Tibi Puiu,
ZME Science, 13 February 2012.

New Picture

These are extraordinary stills of pure bliss from Jim Kramer. He is far from what you would call your typical photographer, mostly because his photos don’t feature countryside ditches, models or urban jungle frescoes, but water droplets. Not just any kind of water droplets, though – he also uses paints to add flavour and colour to the shots, as well as sometimes additives like  glycerol and dishwashing soap to alter the water’s consistency.

To shoot these incredible photos, Kramer uses a highly precise system, comprised of valves, stop shot sensors, and cameras for a perfect timing. How did it fair? Well, you’ll be the judge of that. Title and descriptions were taken directly from the photographer’s flickr account.

New Picture (1)
Rocket Cat. And I think it's going to be a long long time... til touchdown brings me round again to find... I'm not the cat they think I am at home... oh no no no... I'm a Rocket Cat! (c) Jim Kramer

New Picture (2)
Blood From Under. Another Solid Surface Crown - this one from today. I'm still waiting for my parts from Cognisys, so crowns it is! I am not sure how this happened, but if you look closely you can see the the red food colouring comes from under the cream. Too cool. I hope everyone is enjoying these, I'm having a blast making them. Cheers everyone!!! -Jim (c) Jim Kramer

New Picture (3)
From the Archives. Can't make any new drops today... although I may do some hard surface crowns a bit later. This one is from one of my first sessions with glycol. Looks like a chess piece to me. (c) Jim Kramer

New Picture (4)
Concentric. Multi-Drop Glycol Collision. Best on Black (c) Jim Kramer

New Picture (5)
Red & Teal. Glycol collision against a stained glass background. Thanks for looking! (c) Jim Kramer

New Picture (6)
Red Glycol Collision (c) Jim Kramer

New Picture (7)
Singing in the Rain. I can't seem to find the words to describe this one... I'm anxiously awaiting to hear the comments... I hope you love it as much as I do! Ethylene Glycol Fountain Shot (c) Jim Kramer

New Picture (8)
The Flamenco Dancer. Can you see her...? (c) Jim Kramer

New Picture (9)
Red and Blue. I shot 3 strobes through a red background, and used blue gels over the front strobes for this shot. Getting enough light for the shot was tough, you lose a lot of light shooting through colours. (c) Jim Kramer

New Picture (10)
Triple Colour Crown. One of the easier shots to accomplish. You can do these without any special timing equipment. This particular shot is using heavy cream (lightly coloured blue) being dropped onto a piece of black glass. In order to get the crown, a 'primer' drop is necessary in the landing zone. I added 3 drops of food colouring to the outer edges of the primer drop (red, yellow, and purple), this adds the colour. (c) Jim Kramer

See Jim Kramer's flickr account for more stunning photos.

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