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Patterns in Nature: Flora
National Geographic.

Immerse yourself in petals and plants. Enjoy close-up photos of a variety of flowers, trees, leaves, cacti, and even flowering moss from around the world.

1. Hibiscus Petals

Photo: Hibiscus flower petals
Bright petals mark the hibiscus, a flowering plant found in much of the world.
Photograph by Amy White & Al Petteway.

2. Giant Lobelia

Photo: Giant lobelia
The leaves of a giant lobelia plant, photographed on Mount Kilimanjaro's Shira Plateau in Tanzania, spiral around the centre.
Photograph by George F. Mobley.

3. Sunflower Florets

Photo: Sunflower florets
Beads of dew cling to the florets that spiral inside a sunflower head.
Photograph by Jozsef Szentpeteri.

4. Calla Lily

Photo: Close view of a calla lily
A favourite of brides, the ethereal calla lily is often called the wedding flower.
Photograph by Raul Touzon.

5. Castor Bean Leaf Close-Up

Photo: The veins on a castor bean leaf
Veins spider across a castor bean leaf in Hungary.
Photograph by Jozsef Szentpeteri.

6. Claret Cup Cactus Flower

Photo: The flower of a claret cup cactus
The flower of a claret cup cactus glows amid Tonto National Forest in Arizona.
Photograph by Raul Touzon.

7. Picotee Pansies

Photo: Picotee pansies
White borders rich purple in these picotee pansies in Gilroy, California.
Photograph by Jonathan Blair.

8. Flower Spores

Photo: The spores of a flower
A flower's spores are accentuated.
Photograph by Jozsef Szentpeteri.

9. Hairpin Banksia

Photo: Hairpin banksia
The hairpin banksia (Banksia spinulosa) is native to eastern Australia.
Photograph by Jason Edwards.

10. Prickly Pear Cactus

Photo: Thorns on a prickly pear cactus
Sharp spines erupt from the skin of a prickly pear cactus in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador.
Photograph by Tim Laman.

11. Coleus Plants

Photo: Coleus plants
Coleus plants grow across much of South America.
Photograph by Tim Laman.

12. Zinnia Hybrid Flower

Photo: A zinnia hybrid flower
Genetic engineering created this zinnia hybrid flower.
Photograph by Jonathan Blair.

13. Castor Bean Leaf

Photo: Castor bean leaf
The seeds of the castor bean plant (Ricinus communis) are the source of castor oil as well as the deadly poison ricin.
Photograph by Jozsef Szentpeteri.

14. Hair Cap Moss

Photo: Hair cap moss
Hair cap moss (Polytrichum commune) is found throughout much of the world.
Photograph by Rich Reid.

15. Water Lily

Photo: Water lily
A water lily thrives in the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.
Photograph by James P. Blair.

16. Red Tulips

Photo: Red tulips
Red tulips fill Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C.
Photograph by Stephen St. John.

17. Leaf

Photo: A close view of a green leaf
A leaf's veins stand out in deep relief.
Photograph by James L. Stanfield.

18. Palm Fronds

Photo: Palm fronds
Palm leaves, called fronds, are traditional symbols in many religions.
Photograph by Nicole Duplaix.

[Source: National Geographic. Edited. Top image added.]

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