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Following up on my previous post, here’s more dazzling images of water droplets, this time from photographer Markus Reugels.

By Stephanie Pappas,
Live Science, 9 February 2012.

Markus Reugels can capture the world in a drop of water, not to mention Venus, Mars and the moon. Reugels is a floor installer and hobbyist photographer in Marktsteinach, Germany, but "hobby" doesn't begin to convey the beauty and precision of his photographs of images reflected in tiny, perfect globes of water.

1. Drops of Jupiter

Drops of Jupiter
 Carefully "posed" water droplets turn flat photographs into spherical worlds.
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

2. Earth In a Droplet

Worlds in a Droplet
 Photographer Markus Reugels uses high-speed photography to capture these
images of falling droplets. [Read full story]
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

3. Alien World

Alien World
The planet Mars, shrunk to "fit" inside a water droplet.
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

4. Venus in the Water

Venus in the Water
Venus sparkles in a drop of water.
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

5. A Tiny Globe

A Tiny Globe
A political map of Earth becomes a globe in a droplet of water.
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

6. Little Moon

Little Moon
The moon gets the water drop treatment in this photograph by Markus Reugels.
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

7. Saturn's Light

Saturn's Light
Saturn, sans rings, appears in a drop of water.
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

8. Blue Planet

Blue Planet
Neptune in a drop of water.
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

9. Dreamy Cream

Dreamy Cream
Another, simpler, photographic technique involves dripping milk or cream into
water to create dreamy images like this one.
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

10. Drop-on-Drop

With precision timing, a drop of water dropped on another drop creates sculpture-
like shapes that disappear in an instant.
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

11. Water Shot

Water Shot
In one of the most technically challenging series, Reugels shoots a pellet through
falling droplets, creating photographs like this one.
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

12. Cup of Coffee

Cup of Coffee
Fancy a splash of cream?
Credit: Markus Reugels, LiquidArt

[Source: Live Science. Edited. Top image added.]

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