Tuesday, 14 June 2016


The Price of Light
By Kyle Yeomans,
Lyco, 8 June 2016.

Within the past few decades we have seen the emergence of a new art form in its own right, but this time instead of using a brush and canvas they’re using lights to colour some of the world’s largest and recognisable landmarks. From the dazzling display that is the Las Vegas strip, the impressive Hong Kong light show, or simply the icon view of the Eifel Tower sparking at night. Lights have helped cement these structures in our minds.

Well the team here at Lyco thought it would be quite interesting to see exactly how many lights these structures have, how much energy they use each year and most importantly how much it costs to keep them bright every night.

So take a look below and let us know which is your favourite landmark. Keep in mind this is simply the cost of electricity and doesn’t factor in repairs and maintenance which could add up to a lot more.

[Source: Lyco.]

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