Sunday, 12 June 2016


The Science of Using Colors in Branding
By Saher Naseem,
Dubai Monsters, 8 June 2016.

Choosing the right color for your brand is very important. The color should appear on all your marketing collaterals, including your logo, brochure design, flyer, business card, product packaging and more. The color you choose for your brand should set you apart from your competitors, work well with the industry and tie to your brand promise with your customer service mission. You must take into account the psychology of colors which is pretty complicated.

Color psychology is the science of how colors have a huge impact on human behavior. The psychology of color relates to persuasion which is the most interesting and controversial aspect of marketing and branding. You can use the psychology of colors to increase your website conversion. The conversion is only happened by incredibly inspired visuals that combine color psychology with awesome facts.

Prior to choosing colors for your website design, you should understand your industry and what approach your business is attempting to convey. You need to have a clear picture of your brand identity and your position in the business market.

When it comes to branding, color choice has a significant impact on how quickly consumers are able to recall your brand. Colors plays a critical role in communicating emotion, alerting consumers’ behaviors towards your business and getting them to quickly identify your brand from competitors. Let’s take a look at some insights on how colors play a great role in persuading consumers to make a purchase decision.

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[Source: Dubai Monsters.]

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